How do I interpret my ultrasound bone measurement report?

Your individual ultrasound measurement is expressed in four ways:
BUA This is the actual ultrasound reading in decibels/megahertz.
% EXP This shows your results as a percentage of the measurement that is expected for a person of your age and sex.
Zu This is referred to as a Z-Score and is a comparison of your results with other people of your age and sex.
Tu This is referred to as a T-Score and is a comparison of your results with those of
typical, young, healthy people of your sex. The T-Scoreshows the amount your bones have weakened compared to a normal 20 year old person of your sex and is shown by horizontal colored green, yellow, and red bands on the report.

Band Fracture risk T-Score (SD)
GREEN Low greater then -1SD
YELLOW Moderate between –1SD and -2SD
RED High less than –2SD
Note: A standard deviation (SD) is a measure of how widely values are dispersed from the average value (the mean). T-Score = number of standard deviations that the reading is away from young normal.

NOTE: The results of your scan should not be taken in isolation, if they are of concern consult your doctor.