About us

Ultrascan Bone Health was established in October 2000 by Jeanette Neeve who trained in the use of ultrasound for bone analysis by an Australasian medical systems company who specializes in bone densitometry.

We have constantly developed this mobile Osteoporosis Screening Service to include a large variety of outlets from where we can be available. These include pharmacies, health shops, naturopathic centres, fitness centres and osteopathic centres.

Locations covered are greater Auckland, as far north as Kaitaia and as far south as Taupo. We also cover the Coromandel and Bay of Plenty areas. This makes us available for those people who are not able to travel for a scan, and for those who find they cannot afford the higher prices of the DEXA scans.

"We are motivated by the fact that we can make a difference to the very high occurrence rate of Osteoporosis in New Zealand. Osteoporosis is largely preventable and people need clear-cut answers and advice as to what is happening to them and how to resolve any problem. There are many life-style factors involved in the development of osteoporosis which, when corrected, can halt the onset of the disease, and even some supplements and medications can cause a turn-around situation. It is the most rewarding part of our job when we see the improvements people have made"